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A Walk Below Sea Level

Unleash the untold history of water and its relationships to one of the most influential cities in the world. When you think of water and New Orleans in the same sentence, you'll likely think of natural and man-made disasters. But the truth is, that water has shaped this City's and this Nation's music, food, and beloved cultural traditions.

Join us on a journey from past to present as we cover everything from indigenous history, steamboats, Slavery, and African American History, to Jazz, 20th-century innovations, and climate change.

Did you know New Orleans wasn't always below sea level, or that Mississippi Blues was named after the indigo being sold upriver from plantations? What burning questions do you have about New Orleans? Questions are answered and history will be unfolded in this interactive tour hosted by experts in water history and Infrastructure.

You’ll learn about the creation of the Louisiana delta, the people that built it, and the immense sacrifices and innovations that made New Orleans and this country what it is today.

This tour is done through New Orleans Green Tours and The Water Collab


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