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Witches Coven Tour

New Orleans' Only Ancestral Witchcraft Tour Join us for a unique journey into New Orleans' Garden District. This area is more than a home for the city's elite; it's a sanctuary for ancestral witches and their families.

While the fictional Mayfair Witches may capture imaginations, our tour delves into the real history of witchcraft among New Orleans' oldest Uptown families. Discover the hidden truths behind the city famous for ghosts, vampires, and other supernatural legends.

Our exclusive tour reveals the authentic stories of witches who came before the popular TV series, books, and movies filmed in the city.


Learn about the real witches who practiced, healed and changed lives with their services.


Unlike any other tour, we offer a living experience as we guide you through these mystical tales because we live it.

Wed, Sat, Sun: 11 am

Fri: 11 am & 1 pm

2 hours

$30 per person

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