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Tours by local guides with centuries of ancestral ties to the city. 
*Cultural & History Advisors* 

There are plenty of tours in New Orleans and then there are the tours you want and need! That’s where DuPont and Company, LLC comes in. 

We give tours for numerous companies in New Orleans and we can help you schedule your tour with us as your guides.   

Our goal is to make New Orleans come alive through our stories and adventures and use our ancestors own words to do so. Not every tour company can boast 300 + years of ancestry in New Orleans, but we can! It is our heritage and history and no one tells the stories better than the descendants of the people who lived them and those that are still living them..


We live the stories of New Orleans with every breath we take and as historians and storytelling advisors, we tell New Orleans’ story on a daily basis through our careers as professional licensed tour guides.


We take no more than 14 people per guide, breaking down larger groups into small. We believe that our clients should be able to enjoy and hear the tour without effort. Having small groups accomplishes that. We can also provide ear pieces to help hear the guide and no one outside the tour can!


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$30 Per Person

You could explore new places on your own, but you would miss out on so much! Take a historical or paranormal tour and see how exploring with a knowledgeable and professional tour guide will add to your travel experience.

We can schedule you on New Orleans tours that we give for local companies.

Private tours also available.

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Tour Guide Hub

Prices Vary

Find tour guides to hire for private tours.

This is your source for guides who have been trained correctly and who are professional and dependable.

Our database is made up of those licensed guides who're members of the Tour Guide Association of Greater New Orleans.

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