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Cemetery Tours

Walk Among the Dead

In America we are unique in the “recycling and rotation” of our loved ones in our family tombs. Room for 2 coffins doesn’t stop us from burying hundreds in that same spot. Yes, you read that right. Some hear the stories of what we do and think we are very macabre, but we are actually doing exactly what should be done. 

We would love to show you around one of our cities of the dead, as they are called. We would love to allow you to visit our actual family tombs and tell you, not only how we bury, but also the stories of who’s inside. 

That’s how we keep the light on for our ancestors who are long gone. We never stop telling their stories and we would love you to join us for a 90 minute session. 

Your guide will be a native New Orleanian and has ancestors buried in the cemetery you will visit. We encourage you to bring a small rock or flower to leave behind in honor of those who have passed. 
Walk among the dead and leave feeling more alive than ever.

$30 per person

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