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French Quarter History Tour

More than 300 Years of History

Embark on a tour of the French Quarter and step into a living history book.


With the original grid of streets still intact and the beautifully preserved buildings, this iconic New Orleans neighborhood offers a vivid glimpse into the city's rich and colorful past.


As you walk with us, jazz and blues serve as the soundtrack, resonating from tucked-away bars, intimate courtyards, and lively street musicians.


Our guided tours offer a deep dive into the Quarter's storied history.


Wander past the timeless façades with ornate ironwork balconies, and you'll be regaled with tales from when Spanish, French, Creole, and American influences converged to craft this unique enclave.


Whether it's the spellbinding Ghost Tour, the rich cultural heritage on the History Tour, or the sheer aesthetic beauty of the Architecture Tour, the French Quarter promises a sensory-filled adventure that lingers long after you've left.

Ghost Tour: Thurs, Fri, Sat: 6 pm

2 hrs

$30 per person

History Tour: Fri: 9 am

2 hours

$30 per person

Architecture Tour: Mon - Sun: 10 am & 1 pm

2 hours 

$30 per person

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