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Lunch With a Local

There is no better way to hear all about the city and dish the dirt than to eat with a local. 

If walking tours aren't your thing but eating is, then this might be the highlight of your trip to New Orleans.

If you choose, we will set up the reservations for you or you can make them yourself, adding the guide to your total number of people. 

Once you book the experience, we talk directly to you to set everything up with your choice of place and time and date, the guide will meet you at the eating establishment at the set time.

There you will be able to ask questions, hear about the city, partake of our delicious foods, and have a blast!

Where other tours are limited as to topics on the tour, this one is wide open to anything New Orleans. It's a fantastic way to get to know the city from a locals perspective as well as have a great meal with great company.


Time limit from guide is 2 hours

Cost is a flat $100.00 plus guides meal

Local tour guide eating lunch with customers

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