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Good news for jobs and travel

The bureau of Labor & Statistics released in March report yesterday and it’s actually good news considering the past year the country has had.

916,000 jobs were created last month!

Unemployment is at 6%!

This is significantly better than economists predicted and a huge improvement.

This means more jobs will be available and it means that Congress is a lot less likely to spend more money on another stimulus package or on unemployment packages once these expire.

As for travel in the US, the CDC said you can travel with masks and you don’t have to have a Covid test or quarantine! You can travel internationally but you have to follow the guidelines of that country in order to do so.

TSA reported huge numbers passing through each day which is wonderful news but at the same time worrisome due to possible increases in exposure to the virus. So the CDC warns being as careful as possible and continuing to be safe.

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