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Witches of the
French Quarter Tour

New Orleans Only Ancestral Witchcraft Tours


The French Quarter of New Orleans is famous for its stories of ghosts and vampires, but what about the witches? Were they only in books and movies and tv? Not a chance! They exist and have existed in New Orleans since the 18th century.

Now, the descendants of those witches have come out of the broom closet to introduce themselves and their families.

Our 90-minute walking tour takes you through the streets of the neighborhood, where you'll learn about the many covens that call this city home. From the powerful French Quarter witches to the witchcraft families of the Garden District, you'll discover the fascinating lineages that both mingle and oppose one another.


Join us and hear the witches' side of things firsthand from the descendants of the witches who once called the French Quarter home and those who still live there today.

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